Bring Your Personality
To Your Web Forms.

Interact with your future clients &
increase your conversion rates by 80%

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Captr Video Forms

Let's face it, standard web forms are boring and conversion rates are low. You need a better way to connect with your potential clients, that enables your sales energy to persuade a new lead to reach out for you to contact them.

Not a Camera Person?

We've got you covered. We are able to utilise AI technology to create an amazing looking video like the one below..

Use Cases

Captr Video Forms, can be used in many use cases, ranging from lead generation, to Education.

Mortgage Brokers

Start capturing leads by using your personailty to connect with potential clients.

Real Estate

Converting website traffic to actual appraisals is extremely difficult in a saturated market.

Instagram Bio

No more boring static buttons, bring your influencer personality to your instgram bio to generate e-commerce sales, or re-direct to other platforms.

SASS Sales

Demo your product like never before and capture data along the way. Integrate Calendly to book in appointments at scale.

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Use our Captr Video Form below to see how powerful it really is!